Photography Outsourcing

I love all parts of the photography process - so in addition to offering full photography services to clients, I would also like to offer photo editing services to my fellow photographers. If you're currently swamped with photography tasks, I would love to help out! Here are the different services I offer:



Culling ONLY

7 cents per photo

For this process, I will go through your session or wedding and make selections to give to your client.


40 cents per photo

I will make natural edits to create smooth looking faces and brighter teeth. (Don't worry - this is a light edit. No bleached-looking teeth!) This will simply brighten the faces of your clients, not reconstruct them.


40 cents per photo

Includes light editing processes as well as clarity, cropping, grain reduction, straightening || I would also gladly use any presets you typically use for editing!


25 cents per photo

This will include minor color editing such as white balance, exposure, and contrast.

Minor Object and blemish removal

$1.50 per photo

Includes small objects in the background that are distracting from the focal point of your photo. This also includes minor blemish correction. *Does not include major photo reconstruction.

MAJOR OBject removal

request quote

Each photo is different, so please request a quote to get proper pricing for your specific project.




We will be passing your photos through DropBox. When you decide to have your photos edited, I will email you instructions on how to send my your RAW files via DropBox. I will return the edited files the same way.


I am happy to cater to your photo editing style! We will discuss your typical photo style (feel free to include samples if you'd like), and I will return an edited photo to get approved before moving forward with the rest of the photo editing process. I also highly encourage including an presets you typically use.


If there is an issue with your photos, I would love to help make it right! My goal is to cut down your time and put you at ease, so let me know what I can do to make that possible. Typically, my turnaround time for a session is 3-4 days, and for a wedding one week.


If you're hoping to continually outsource your photo editing, I can offer your a discount rate for booking more than one session at a time. Simply ask about this in your quote!


When I'm finished editing, I will send email you a few proofs from your session as well as a PayPal payment request to be completed. Once your payment is completed, your photos will be added into your DropBox folder and should be downloaded as soon as possible.


If you'd like to contact me, I suggest using email to make sure all details are in written form and can be referred back to. However, if there's something that can't be done through email, I will send you my phone number!